I’m not an expert on referees

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Firstly, I’m not an expert on referees. Secondly, I don’t perceive myself as an expert on referees. I also don’t know any in depth stats on referees, all I know is that their decisions impact me greatly.

I am what you would call a professional football punter. I try to make a living out of betting on football, not just in the UK but around the world. I have placed a bet on Brazilian, Russian, Greek, Norwegian football as well as the top leagues in Europe. I’ve even placed bets on Australian football. With the Internet and the vast coverage on TV of both European and International football you can actually watch so many of these games.

Now let me tell you something about our UK referees. They’re without a doubt the best referees in the world. They can frustrate you but from what I’ve seen across the world they are by far the most intelligent and knowledgeable referees out there.

Why do you say this I hear you ask, let me tell you. In some countries the referees and their decisions can only be described as awful. In Brazil and American soccer to get a foul you literally have to break a players leg, some of the challenges you see in Brazilian football will shock you. In Italian football I have seen a referee send off players for doing a hand gesture in disgust. In Spain the slightest touch of a player warrants a yellow card. If you look at an average Spanish game there will be in anything from 8 to 10 yellow cards, and the arrogance of Italian and Spanish referees is shocking. Then in France and Germany the refs go head to head with players.

Of course the UK referees might frustrate you, but 90% of the time it’s the right decision and they’re mostly not arrogant about their decisions. Therefore I say give them the credit they deserve or we might end up with Spanish type and Italian type referees and that my friends would be a mistake.

Arm (Hounslow)

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