It’s only a game?

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It’s 3.55pm Sunday. I’m face down on my very clean carpet mumbling to myself wondering things like “why?”, “we are always losing to them!” and “anyone but Rooney, anyone”…

You know, things like that. When my wife walks in wondering why it’s gone quiet to see this pitiful sight and to say “it’s only a game hun”, “there’ll be another one next week and maybe you could win that one”..!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my I wife, I love her to bits, she is the mother of my children, she is the apple of my eye, I would kill for that woman – but sometimes she has the worst timing!

Yes, she is right, normally losses against teams don’t affect me at all, but yesterday’s game was against Manchester United. Manchester bloody United and in recent history my face on my carpet has become a regular thing. Everything about Liverpool versus Manchester United is different to every other game – the build up in the week to the game is always full of excitement and anxiety, counting down ..every min, hour, day. Nothing else in that week is important. Yes yes yes my kids, wife and job yes, but mentally everything is about that game.

On the day of the game I have nothing but nervous energy, this time around that nervous energy went into cleaning the carpet and I mean scrubbing, vacuuming and stain removal just to get rid of that energy. Five minutes before the game I’m in pieces. During the game, depending on what happens I am up and down like a yo yo, screaming like a banshee if we score, screaming like a banshee if we concede, screaming like a banshee if the referee doesn’t give a penalty or free kick. In fact generally just screaming like a banshee through the whole game.

Then at the final whistle, feeling very down and depressed and as stated earlier – face down on my carpet. A win against Manchester United would put me in ecstasy for weeks, a loss not just puts me in a sulk for that day, not even the next day but probably for the week, maybe sometimes for the month. I can’t explain this to my wife, I’ve tried but she can’t get her head around it. And as I am face down in my carpet I realise I’ve got to wait until next season for revenge, but at least I can say “what a good job I’ve done on the carpet”… Sniff sniff .

Arm (Hounslow)

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