Here is the Zone you can find out “who we are and where we come from” along with general information about our writers, guest bloggers and of course those people who have Fan Issues.

Although this website started just recently in December 2015, you could say the origin of it started 10 years ago when Trevor and I (Chris) met whilst travelling around New Zealand. We’ve been friends ever since and both of us have always enjoyed writing and watching all forms of football, whether individually or together.¬†Although we live miles apart these days, we still meet up at least two or three times a year to discuss football face to face. And no we still don’t always agree with each other.


Chris, a proud Wednesday fan, born and bred in Sheffield but now living in Cumbria
Trevor, Cambridge United supporter from Bedford


Karl, currently lives in Manchester but still follows his local team Rotherham United

Fan Issue contributors:

Arm, Liverpool supporter from Hounslow